My Curated List of Trusted Friends
in the Legal Space

Welcome to the 'Trusted Friends' section of my website. As an attorney based in Springfield, Missouri, I, Chad Mann, have interacted with numerous entities in the professional realm, from insurance companies to legal aid services. Over the years, I've identified those who stand out for their integrity, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to the betterment of the public. This page is my way of sharing these valuable resources with you. Each entity listed here has earned my trust through consistent, reliable service and a clear dedication to ethical practices. Whether you're seeking dependable insurance options, efficient legal support services, or other professional assistance, 'Trusted Friends' is a gateway to organizations and services that I personally endorse for their quality and public-spirited approach.

Legal Services

Chart Squad

From medical records acquisition, to medical chronology production, look no further than ChartSquad. ChartSquad not only provides great legal services for firms, but they do it at unbeatable prices, with unwavering integrity,  and a team that you can unquestionably trust. 


Shelter Insurance

My family and I have trusted Shelter Insurance to insure every piece of property we have owned for decades. I have not only fought against Shelter, but I've also had the privilege of working for Shelter. Having been on both sides, I can assure you, there is no better insurer.


Cherry Health

I have had the distinct honor of working with Dr. Lloyd and his incredible team at Cherry Health Center to help the injured recover. As such, I can confidently say the team at Cherry Health Center is amongst the most dedicated, caring, and selfless providers I have ever seen.

Medical/Legal Services

Reliable IME

If my client is in need of an independent medical examination ("IME"), my first choice for this service is Reliable IME. Dr. Toni Cauchi (the owner) is not only a first class doctor, but he's amongst the kindest and most personable individuals I have ever met. 

Medical/Legal Services

On-Call MedLegal Consulting

Having worked with Dr. Jeff Willis, owner of On-Call MedLegal Consluting, I am honored to recommend him for anyone in need of finding the perfect legal expert for your case. Dr. Willis is not only an incredible practitioner, but he is spectacularly generous person as well.